Commercial walk in fridges

Our range of commercial walk in fridges

Make sure your refrigeration solution supports your business the way it should. We have a huge range of options, from large walk in commercial fridges to smaller bespoke commercial refrigerators.

All of our walk in commercial fridges are designed and built specifically to your specifications, to fit your exact environment needs. Whether your business is in food supply, catering, restaurants, bakeries, pharmaceuticals or any thing else that requires strict temperature control, we can help.

What are commercial walk in fridges?

Walk in commercial fridges are industrial sized refrigerators with full size doors, allowing access to a temperature-controlled cold room for all goods that need to be kept refrigerated to be stored. Our cold rooms can include shelving and racking, and even a conveyor-belt system dependent on your product requirements. Our commercial fridges can operate between +2 and +12 degrees C, or between +5 and -2 degrees C, while our commercial fridge freezers have a much lower temperature range of -18 to -22 degrees C.

All our commercial refrigerators are designed with you in mind, and are bespoke to your requirements, no matter what the product or how high the volume of stock, we can find a solution for you. If you require lighting, integrated locking mechanisms or computer-controlled temperature monitoring, we can accommodate this in order to make your commercial fridge work for your business.

We believe that one size does not fit all, so our commercial fridges are made to measure; a tailored fit which ensures you a quality and reliable commercial fridge solution, at a competitive price.

Want to see an example of a custom-made commercial walk in fridge?

walk in fridge with shelvingbespoke cold roomExample commercial fridge solution








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