We’re sure that we can find the right cold store solution for you. But don’t take our word for it. This is what our customers have to say.


Suzanne Brock, Director at Nutriment“We’ve been working with Cold Store Rentals now since we started 18 months ago, as they fulfil a niche we can’t get elsewhere. It wasn’t possible for us to lay out six figures for a freezer, for example, so lease hire from the team at CSR is a perfect solution.

“We need to have confidence in what we produce, and are always pleased with the solutions from Cold Store Rentals.  We fully expect to get further equipment in a couple of months when the business has grown even more.”


Rob Benson, Project Leader at Phoenix Healthcare Distribution: “We have started this expansion project to increase the amount of product lines that we can offer doctors, hospitals and pharmacies in the region. The 70 vans we have on site delivery products twice a day, every day, and haven’t stopped whilst the expansion has been going on.

“The mezzanine has been expanded to cover half of the warehouse space now, effectively doubling the size of our picking area.”


Nigel Labaleine, Manager, at Walnut Pet Supplies: “Cold Store Rentals has helped us install an essential cold store solution to make sure we can continue to grow and ensure that we can support our customers both in store and online.”


Mark Shaw, owner of The Castle Inn: “We bought the pub in September last year and have since completely renovated the entire property so that it can open at the end of January. It’s important that we have somewhere to support our busy kitchen and keep fresh ingredients cool so they don’t spoil.

“We have plans to expand the premises in the future and are pleased that we will be able to use the cold room to support our further expansion.”


Fraser Proudfoot, owner of The Weir Restaurant: “We opened in 2011 with a small restaurant on the back of a large building and have grown rapidly since then.

“The new rooms have enabled us to double the size of our kitchen and bring in a bigger oven and greater preparation space, so we can bring down the wait time of food for customers and employ more staff.”


Des Drohan, Distribution Manager at Henkel distribution site: “The new cold room allows us to store our temperature-sensitive products and components either on pallets or individually, and offers stock rotation internally – something which container type units limit us to. The entire facility has been designed so that if we need to relocate or extend the premises should any of our product storage requirements change, it will be relatively easy to do so. By using Cold Store Rental’s rent-to-buy option means we can change the storage concept at any time throughout the five year rental term.”


 Andy Hughes, Commercial Director at PharmaFreight:“We chose Cold Store Rentals after hearing about the great work that they did with another company in our industry, and are very pleased with the results so far.”

“The five year rental contract gives us the flexibility to extend use with the existing unit or upgrade to a newer version a little later. Cold Store Rentals gave us the flexibility so that we are not stuck with an old unit. It is ready to grow with our needs.”


Malcolm Paramore, Director at La Gaditana: “We needed a reasonably-sized chiller at our Farnborough site to easily accommodate eight pallets, and have the flexibility to grow with the modular unit from Cold Store Rentals over the next three-to-four years.

“The installation team were fantastic and completed the project in a day as promised, which meant that the unit was down to the correct temperature by the following morning and we took our first order from it only three days after it was up and running.

“Location is important to us and we like to work with local businesses, so with Cold Store Rentals’ head office being so near to us, we are comfortable that we can speak with someone who understands the area and can support us if we need any assistance.”


Chris Brierley, Director of Cotswold RAW: “The raw food industry is growing quickly has to be careful with the food that it manufactures and so we always have high standards for temperature control.  The more that we can do to keep the product frozen and fresh, the better it is for everyone.

“Cold Store Rentals has a proven track record with other companies in our industry so we feel comfortable with their service, and as we continue to grow over the next few years, we hope to increase the size of our modular units with the help of the team there.”


Mandy Maidment, Co-founder of Wolf Tucker: “When we realised that we were close to reaching full capacity, we contacted Steve at Cold Store Rentals who advised the best solution for our new premises. The team presented us with several plans and gave us a lot of advice on how to move forward – his experience was really key to us.

“It’s important that we have a reliable solution as the business continues to grow and to support us with expanding into new markets, we are looking to develop a similar natural feeding process for cats.”


Julie Arnold, Director of Naturally Healthy Dogs: “Rather than buy a walk-in freezer for the products outright, we wanted to hire the equipment. Cold Store Rentals came highly recommended from other pet food manufacturers that we deal with such as Nutriment, and the solution that was provided has been perfectly suitable for what we need.”


Vicky Marshall, Managing Director of Honey’s Real Dog Food: “While it has taken us a while to find the right supplier, once we had met Steve, everything seemed to slot into place and it was worth the wait after looking for so long. The team at Cold Store Rentals has been fantastic in terms of flexibility, understanding our needs, and delivering on time and on budget.”


Chris Stallworthy, Events Director at Spencer House: “We had been renting a cold room through Cold Store Rentals’ sister company, Ice House Hire, for two years, and decided that a new bespoke cold room would be worth the capital investment this time.

“The project was delivered very efficiently: Steve came to the site to assess what we needed, and provided us with a clear quote accompanied by detailed drawings to show a bespoke solution that suited our requirements.”

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